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Smart Card Application On PC
Dec 05, 2018

In the application of the PC, the user can enhance the security by using the smart card, such as limiting the power on/off operation of the computer, locking the keyboard, mouse, USB and other peripheral devices, and encrypting and decrypting the data. Features. To read or modify the data in the IC card, it is of course possible to use the Smart Card Reader.

Smart Card is like a small computer that we can carry with us. It can not only store important information, but also "handle" our important information. It is also highly confidential, anti-jamming, wear-free, and longevity. Long, is a high-tech product that is both convenient and safe. Many people, including me, believe that in the future, Smart Card will eventually replace all kinds of cards currently on the market, bringing "one card in hand, convenient and endless" to all human beings. life.

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