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Application Of RFID Technology In Equipment Inspection
Dec 05, 2018

The use of RFID technology and wireless local area network for equipment and pipeline inspection, usually used in power, manufacturing-type enterprise equipment inspection, petrochemical pipeline inspection. Cover the seamless wireless network along the inspection route in the factory area, install an RIFD label at each inspection monitoring point, and record the basic information of the inspection monitoring point. Each time the inspection personnel first reads the contents of the label with the handheld device at a patrol inspection point, the equipment and pipeline are inspected, and the detection information is transmitted to the management office through the wireless network. Establish a patrol management system in the background, through the system to achieve the inspection quality of the inspection personnel, improve the management level of the equipment being inspected, improve the inspection efficiency, and gain insight into the entire inspection work.

The inspection equipment system fully utilizes the physical advantages of RFID technology, mainly utilizing the characteristics of UHF RFID without contact and long reading distance, without manual intervention, thus improving the convenience of inspection personnel and greatly reducing the inspection. The workload of the inspectors. Long reading distance can realize long-distance data collection, better remote equipment inspection; RFID recognition speed is fast, reduce a large number of inspection time, improve efficiency, improve the management level of equipment inspection; RFID technology can be appropriate The material that penetrates the cloth, the skin, and the wood is read, and can fully cope with the challenges of the harsh environment and maintain the work around the clock.

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