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Advantages Of Contactless Card
Dec 05, 2018

1. High reliability, can prevent various faults caused by card insertion, dust and oil; no exposed chips on the card surface, no chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage, etc.; easy and fast operation, effective range Card operation; no directionality; improved reading speed, no mechanical contact between the card and the reader.

2. Anti-collision (automatic resolution capability) The RF card has a fast anti-collision mechanism to prevent data interference between cards. The reader can handle multiple proximity cards at the same time.

3. Convenient operation, due to non-contact communication, the reader can operate the card within 10CM range. The general card reading distance is determined by the machine.

4. Wide application range, the memory structure of the RF card makes it possible to apply one card to different systems, and users can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

5. Good encryption performance, two-way authentication mechanism, each sector has operating passwords and access conditions.

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