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National standard for chip cards
Dec 05, 2018

There are two types of chip card standards in the market, one is the EMV standard that is widely used internationally, and the other is the PBOC2.0 standard of the central bank.


The EMV is named after the English names of the three international organizations, Europay, MasterCard and Visa. The EMVCo organization, which was jointly established by the three organizations in February 1999, is responsible for the development and management of specifications, standards and certifications for maintaining EMV payment chip cards, monitoring and ensuring the global interoperability of the standard and the availability of its payment environment. . EMV is a standard specification for professional transactions and certifications developed by the international financial industry for smart cards and POS terminals that can use chip cards, as well as ATMs widely installed by banking institutions. It is a payment system for chip credit cards and cash cards ( Payment System) The standard set by the relevant software and hardware. When the "chip card" or the terminal card and the teller machine that can read the chip card meet the EMV standard and are certified as correct, it is called an EMV chip card, also referred to as an EMV card. A considerable proportion of the interface standards for chip cards in this International Standard Specification is done according to ISO 7816.


PBOC is the abbreviation of the English name of the People's Bank of China, which is what we usually call the central bank. PBOC2.0 is the abbreviation of the second generation of financial IC card regulations promulgated by the People's Bank of China. It can effectively solve the problems of fake cards and offline transaction security when using magnetic strip cards. According to the requirements of China's bank card chip plan, on March 13, 2005, the People's Bank of China issued the No. 55 document, officially issued the industry standard "China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification" (JR/T 0025-2005) (industry Referred to as PBOC2.0). The specification complements the e-wallet/passbook application; adds borrow/credit applications that are compatible with the EMV standard; adds non-contact IC card physical feature standards; adds e-wallet extension application guides, borrow/credit application personalization guides, etc. . This standard will lay a standard foundation for China's bank card chip, ensure the commonization and security of China's bank card chip, and effectively guide implementation.

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