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Advantages of MIFARE card
Dec 05, 2018

1) The operation is simple and fast. Because it adopts RF wireless communication, it does not need to be inserted or removed, and is not restricted by direction and front and back. Therefore, it is very convenient for users to use. It takes only 0.1 second to complete a single read and write operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use. It is also suitable for fast, high-flow places.

2) Strong anti-interference ability. The MIFARE card has a fast anti-collision mechanism. When multiple cards enter the read/write range at the same time, it can effectively prevent data interference between cards. The reading and writing device can process one pair of cards, which improves the parallelism and system work of the application. speed.

3) High reliability. There is no mechanical contact between the MIFARE card and the reader, which avoids various faults caused by contact and reading; and the chip and the sensing antenna in the card are completely sealed in the standard PVC, further improving the reliability and card of the application. The service life.

4) Suitable for multiple use of one card. The storage structure and features of the MIFARE card (large capacity - 16 partitions, 1024 bytes) can be applied to different occasions or systems, especially for parking lot management, identification, and access control of schools, enterprises, and intelligent communities. Comprehensive application of control, attendance check-in, canteen dining, entertainment consumption, book management, etc., has a strong system application scalability, and can truly achieve "one card multi-use".

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